Biotix Plus

  • Helps Relieve Stomach Discomfort
  • Promotes Optimal Gut Health
  • Restores Good Bacteria
  • Supports Immune Strength
  • Clinically-Tested Probiotics Plus Prebiotic
  • Higher Absorption with Easy-to-Swallow Premium Softgels
  • Shelf Stable - No Refrigeration Required
  • Gluten-Free

Biotix Plus 3 month package
Relief From Common Digestive Issues
Biotix Plus Can Help with Common Bacterial-Imbalance Digestive Issues Such as Occasional
Stomach Discomfort
Bowel Irregularities
Superior Probiotics...
For Superior RESULTS!
Biotix Plus Provides Superior Digestive and Immune Support vs. Traditional Probiotics

Bacterial imbalance in your GI tract is a common cause of occasional stomach discomfort, gas, bloating, and irregular bowel movements. Plus we now know that your GI tract houses 70-80% of your immune system, so maintaining a positive bacterial balance is critical to your immune health too!

Biotix Plus® provides "superior" probiotic strains to address and keep the right bacterial balance in your GI tract to help better support your digestive and immune health. Here's why it's better...

The problem with traditional probiotic formulas is they have probiotic formulas that simply cannot change the composition of bacteria in your digestive tract enough to make any significant real difference. Unfortunately, many these products often end up just being a waste of money.

Traditional probiotic formulas use probiotic strains that are too fragile to really be effective. They must be kept cold, and literally begin to die off at even room temperature, and then much more quickly when they enter the acidic environment of your stomach, long before they hit the trillions of cells of bacteria in your intestines and colon where you need it. It's simply not enough to move the needle on your digestive health.

The good news is it turns out that not all probiotic strains are fragile. Research has uncovered the probiotic strains in Biotix Plus® that actually do work effectively. These probiotic strains are different because they are what's called spore-forming. They easily survive both heat and stomach acid largely intact when they reach the intestines, where they populate and spread throughout your entire GI tract and quickly go to work pushing out the bad bacteria. With relief you can feel!

Biotix Plus Chart Comparison vs Traditional Probiotic Supplements
How It Works
Biotix Plus softgels are easily absorbed by the body, and quickly go to work balancing your digestive health, with relief you can feel! Heres how it works...

The superior probiotics in Biotix Plus® (Unique IS-2 Bacillus Coagulans®†, Bacillus Clausii, Bacillus Subtilis) have a natural protective coating so they are largely unaffected by heat or stomach acid, unlike traditional probiotic products. These "good bacteria" probiotics survive intact and multiply, quickly going to work in your intestines where you need it. Biotix Plus® effectively pushes out the bad bacteria - tipping scales of digestive and immune health in your favor!

How It Works

For even better results, Biotix Plus® includes a top clinically-tested "prebiotic" ingredient (Preticx) that acts as a fiber food for your good bacteria - further helping to re-balance your gut flora. Superior probiotics working together with the top clinically-tested prebiotic is why Biotix Plus® is the best!

The Importance of Gut Health
Unlocking the Secret to Digestive and Overall Health

Over the past decades, hundreds of millions of dollars have been poured into health research focusing on what was the largely uncharted world of immense complexity that lies in the gut – called the Human Microbiome. As a result we now know clearly know the importance of a healthy gastrointestinal (GI) tract to your digestive and immune systems, with 70-80% of your immune system housed in your GI tract. But it goes beyond that, we are now learning that improving the good versus bad bacterial balance in your gut, with probiotics, may also hold the secret to improving your brain, heart, and overall health as well.

5 Factors That Throw Off Your Digestive Health

antiobioticsAntibiotics: There are many medical needs that can require you to take antibiotics, however, antibiotics can be a major source of disruption in the balance of your gut bacteria. It has been shown that the disruption to your gut bacterial balance can last for up to four years following antibiotic treatment.

When large numbers of good bacteria are killed by antibiotics, space becomes available for other bad bacteria to increase in numbers in your gut, and even prevent the regrowth of the healthy gut bacteria. This often causes bowel irregularity, which is a known side effect of antibiotics. With the help of Biotix Plus®, you can provide a healthy "digestive reset" to your gut bacterial balance, getting your digestive health back on track!

travelTraveling: When traveling to a new country, your gut bacteria might get some new neighbors. Local food, water, and general environment can directly affect your GI microbial environment, adding new foreign bacterial elements to your digestive system can set it off balance. Taking Biotix Plus® can provide needed healthy probiotic support for travelers.

stressStress: Stress can push your health to the limit. What you might not know about stress is that it can have a direct negative affect on your gut bacteria, which can throw off both your digestive and your immune health. Studies show increased levels of bad bacteria is measured in the GI tract when under stress. We may not be available to avoid stress, but taking Biotix Plus® can help you better avoid its negative effects on your digestive and immune systems.

junk foodEating Out and Other Food Concerns: You usually can't verify the food quality or safety of food when you eat out. Often restaurant food can lay out and be exposed to many different bad bacteria, which can de-stabilize your digestive environment, leading to stomach issues. Taking Biotix Plus® can provide additional protection with strong probiotic support.

alcoholAlcohol: Two-thirds of Americans drink alcohol on a regular basis. Drinking alcoholic beverages can reduce the number of healthy bacteria in your digestive tract. Taking Biotix Plus® can provide additional protection with strong probiotic support.

Premium Prebiotic Too!
Biotix Plus Combining the Best Pro & Pre Biotics

By now you probably know that taking good bacteria daily, called "probiotics", is vital to a healthy digestive system. But something called a "prebiotic" serves an important role too, and a good digestive formula must contain both probiotics and a prebiotic. A prebiotic is a specific fiber-food for probiotics, that helps keeps these good bacteria healthy and growing.

Like the probiotics in Biotix Plus®, the clinically-tested premium prebiotic in Biotix Plus®, (called Preitcx) is also hearty, and not deterred by heat and stomach acid. It works on building up the good bacteria in your intestines and colon, where you really need it.

The benefits of Biotix Plus®'s prebiotic fiber was confirmed in a landmark UCLA Study showing that it significantly improved the beneficial "good bacteria" and reduced "bad bacteria" in the gut of both healthy as well as over-weight individuals.

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